Window Film May Be One of the Best Investments You Can Make in Your Home or Business

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Unlike the stock market or other investments, there are no market fluctuations or crashes. Window film provides a steady income stream in the form of savings on your electric bill. You’ll also enjoy many other tangible long term benefits.

This article focuses on the investment value or “Return on Investment” and hidden value of window tinting. Window tinting is also known as solar control window film. The multiple benefits of these high tech products never cease to amaze. When you add the total value of these benefits, you’ll see why the “Return on Investment” for installing solar control window film is quite attractive.

Ask anyone who already had window film installed on their home or business. They’ll probably tell you; “Oh I would never go without it” or “It makes such a huge difference”. Why are they so impressed with the results? That depends on who you ask and what their objectives were. The primary reason is to reduce the sun’s heat and annoying glare, so comfort is a large motivating factor.

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Comfortable Savings

When direct sun rays shines through clear window glass in the hotter months, your impulse is to adjust your air conditioning to a lower temperature to feel cooler. When solar window film is installed, it reduces the heat. When the heat is reduced, your natural impulse to adjust your thermostat will be reduced.

Less solar heat gain also equals less hours that your air conditioning system needs to labor along with money saved on the cooling portion of your electric bill.

ROI: Most window films will pay for themselves within 4-6 years in electrical savings alone. Once the investment pays for itself, all future savings can be considered income. That’s income that you wouldn’t have had without window film, so in 10 to 12 years you essentially doubled the money you invested. Investment Value: Comfort, savings and extended life of your air conditioning equipment. Stop and think; What’s that worth to you?

Causes of Fading Chart IWFAAsset Preservation

Window film eliminates over 99% of ultra violet rays, the major contributor to fade and deterioration of carpets, wood flooring, furniture, upholstery, artwork and most importantly your skin.

Add up the depreciated value of all those fade furnishings if you tried to sell the or even donate them because of the sun’s deteriorating effects. You can easily lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the value and exposure of your possessions. Investment Value: Preservation of your assets. What’s that worth?


Million dollar viewWant a Million Dollar View?

By reducing the sun’s annoying glare you’re basically reducing the excess light that makes you squint your eyes. With window film you can actually enhance the visual quality of your view. The sky will look more beautiful and blue. The grass and trees will have a greener healthier look. The overall outdoors will just feel easier on your eyes. As an added bonus window film lets you open your window treatments wider than ever before. Your heat fade and glare issues will be reduced while your daytime privacy is enhanced. Investment Value: Potential million dollar view, priceless.


Window adds film appearance & privacy

Add Appearance and Privacy

Everyone of us enjoys a nice appearance and personal privacy in the sanctity of their home. Window film gives you just that. Personal privacy all day, everyday while adding a nice neutral exterior appearance. From the outside, strangers, neighbors and service personnel won’t be able to see your daily activities. Investment Value: What price do you put on your home’s appearance and personal privacy?



shatter resistant window filmGet Peace of Mind

 Window film adds strength and shatter resistance to window glass. Unexpected tropical storms and flying golf balls are pretty common causes of broken window glass in South Florida. Window film provides a good level of protection 24 hours a day against these threats. Depending on the object that breaks the glass, the film will hold most of the shattered  glass in place and in the frame, the chances of personal injury from flying shards of glass will be greatly reduced, You may not even need to board-up the window until the glass can be replaced because the film will probably keep the glass intact enough to keep rain or insects out. Investment Value: Injury prevention, continued barrier against the outdoor elements if broken, easy clean-up.


Investment security - photo w umbrella over gold coinsInvestment Security: Professional grade films installed by professionals are warranted 100% for material and labor.  The Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty protects your investment for as long as you own your home.

Value: What Wall Street investment gives that kind of long term security?


Lower carbon footprintLower Carbon Footprint

Every 100 square feet of a high heat rejecting solar control film is equivalent to one-ton of air conditioning according to the International Window Film Association’;s engineered calculations, This helps reduce emissions from power plants to help maintain a greener environment for all of us.

                               Investment Value: Priceless

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