Specialty Window Films

Beautiful and Functional

Films that perform specific functions

Exterior Films: Used in situations where windows are not accessible for an interior installation. These films have shorter longevity due to direct expose to out door weather conditions. Available in silver and other reflective choices.

Anti-Fog Film: Specially formulated to remain clear in a high condensation environments such as bathroom vanity mirrors that fog up due to shower steam. Also for glass grocery freezer doors that fog when opened.

UV Clear Film: Often referred to as “Museum film”, this protective UV blocking film is virtually clear with no tint whatsoever. Be sure to ask your Cool Coat representative for our report on “The Causes of Fading” for a complete understanding of window films and fade protection. Ultra violet rays are only part of the problem, heat, light, time and the color fast quality of various materials are all factors to consider.

UV Amber/Blue Blocker: A special amber colored film used in the manufacture of many pharmaceuticals and computer parts., Operating rooms to conduct UV sensitive surgeries and for patients with rare UV sensitive skin or eye conditions. EPP, a rare photosensitivity condition affects one in 300,000 people. Individuals with EPP must avoid all forms of strong light including sunlight and even operating room lights. This special strong UV blocking amber film gives these patients the protection they need.

Anti-Graffiti Film: Unfortunately, vandalism is a worldwide problem that costs billions of dollars. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate this destructive activity. Madico anti-graffiti film offers a safety layer of film that protects both glass and other smooth surfaces. Optically clear and distortion free, graffiti film acts as a sacrificial barrier to guard against costly graffiti, etching, or high-traffic wear while providing a protective layer of safety from flying glass should glass break. These films are easily removed and replaced for minimal maintenance of rail cars, buses, elevators, restrooms, escalators, and vending machines.

Radio Frequency Blocking Films: Frequently used to guard against information hackers, this special film helps keep radio frequency signals such as cellular, wifi and other radio waves inside a building where it belongs. Radio frequencies can carry sensitive confidential information outside to hackers if not controlled. Applications include hospitals, which have obligations under the federal HIPAA laws to keep patients’ records private, the financial sector where billions of dollars are transacted and in interior conference rooms might benefit from being shielded from electronic eavesdropping. Department store chains could benefit as well to keep customers wirelessly transmitted safer. Once only available to the U.S. government, this recently declassified window film is now available to the public. It has been installed more than 200 government buildings, including structures operated by the departments of Defense, the Treasury and in the homes of high-level government and corporate executives and celebrities.