Is Your Home’s Interior Just a Little Too Bright or Too Hot?

Solar Film Compliments all Window Treatments


Window Glare with draperies pic

Constantly Adjusting the Position of Your Window Treatments?

Your home may be a perfect candidate for solar control window film. This high tech product comes in a multitude of choices that can control the sun to just the right level to suit your individual comfort. For best results and performance, window film should be installed by a skilled professional.

Get an Enhanced View of the Outdoors with Solar Window Film

Windows are our view to the outside world. It’s where we enjoy nature, beautiful skies, landscapes and the activities of the day. This is all great except for the hidden price you may be paying without realizing it. The hidden price could include; a loss of privacy, harsh uncomfortable heat and glare not to mention excessive air conditioning costs. With window film, the sun’s heat and glare is cut to a comfortable level while your personal privacy is enhanced and cooling costs are minimized. That’s just a few benefits.                                                       Now check out some additional perks!

Achieve Safe Levels of Ultra-Violet Rays in Your Home     

Ultra-violet rays are very real, yet invisible. Because we don’t see this threat every minute of the day we tend to ignore UV rays while it enters our homes every day. When we go outdoors, go to the beach or pool, we put on sun screen, but what about the thousands or hours we’re enjoying inside our homes? Solar control window film filters 99% of UV rays, protecting every occupant and extending the life of every furnishing and possession in your home 24 hours a day. Beware; cheap do-it-yourself window films lose UV filtering ability after a few years due to a break down of inexpensive UV inhibitors that are used in the manufacturing.


Window Film Works While Being Out of Sight and Out of Mind

Curtains and draperies are great for decorating your home and for night time privacy. Window film will also enhance your view by letting you open your window treatments nice and wide. No worries; most window films give you great daytime privacy. Window film provides a richer optical experience by filtering the excess light (glare) as well.

Get Resale Value & Appeal in More Ways than One

Window film can actually make your home more valuable and attractive to potential buyers. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your home. Window treatments such as curtains are often an individual’s taste can turn off prospective buyers. When selling your home, buyers appreciate window film for the way it looks and the way it preserves flooring and other materials. You can also brag about your home’s energy efficiency because of window film. After all; saving money is the same as earning it!

Transform Ordinary Glass into Safer Shatter Resistant Glass

Window film forms a tough polyester barrier with very powerful adhesive on the inside surface of the glass. If an object hits and breaks a window with film on it, there will be a drastically reduced risk of personal injury due to flying splinters or large shards of glass. It also makes cleaning up the mess of broken glass a breeze because the tough film usually holds all the broken pieces together.

No other type of window treatment on the market can boast so many benefits. That’s why installing window film is really one of the best investments you can make in your home.