Residential Window Films

Enjoy up to 25% in cooling costs

Window Coating for your Home


Window films are not only designed to reduce sunlight they can provide security, beauty and privacy, thanks to our experience you can be sure that only the best materials will be used on your installation. Cool Coat Window Tinting uses “Certified Master Window Tinters” with years of commercial & residential experience. Our quality and selection are second to none as we represent many brands, we would never rely on only one supplier for our customers. Our installations are quick, quiet, courteous and crystal clear. All of our window films come with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty on residential installations and a 10 to 15 Year Warranty on commercial installations.

Fade Protection from the Sun’s Damaging UV Rays

Cool Coat Window Films protect the value of your home or business furnishing and expensive collectibles. Sofa or drapery fabrics, oriental rugs, wood flooring and expensive artwork can be destroyed in time by the sun’s UV rays. Our films are frequently installed in museums, showrooms and luxury homes to avoid sun damage.

Security Films

Cool Coat Window Films help control or eliminate the injury risks associated with broken glass caused by; terrorism, smash and grab burglaries, severe weather, and accidents. These thick, heavy-duty polyester films bond to glass with very strong adhesives. Security films provide a clear (or tinted) safety barrier that helps hold glass in place on impact. This minimizes occupant injury and usually eliminates the need to board-up broken windows until the glass can be replaced.

Decorator & Privacy Films

Cool Coat Window Films can give your home or office an entirely new look at far less cost than specialty glass. Add textures, patterns or colors to interior glass stairways, office partitions, display windows or anywhere you want some pizzazz! Our frosted style films can provide privacy and even safety in high- traffic areas. All films are easily removable so there’s nothing to worry about if you’re leasing commercial space that needs to be put back in it’s original condition when vacating.