Young Gymnast picToday we installed Suntek Dual Reflective 15% privacy window film for a Palm City gymnastics studio. The objective was not to cool the sun’s heat or cut the glare. This privacy window film was selected as a way to keep young gymnastic students more focused and less distracted. Students would always try to see who’s in the front lobby. This would interfere with practicing their precarious routines in the gym area.

The studio’s owner said; “Our students are always trying to see who’s watching them from the lobby”. Student’s parents are usually behind the large clear glass windows. As a result, students lose their focus. They’re constantly side tracked looking where they shouldn’t be looking..

With Suntek dual reflective 15% privacy window film on the interior side of the                                        lobby windows,  students only see a reflection of the gym.

Parents and spectators are now hidden from view but they can still get an idea of what’s going on in the gym without the students seeing them.

An alternative film made by Madico Window Films is Optivision                                                                     15% or 5% which is extremely dark and mirrored.

The longevity of privacy window films installed on interior glass can be well over 20 years. Since harsh solar rays are not hitting the film everyday, the only factor to shorten its life would be wear and tear or accidents.

We did face one critical issue in getting the required level of privacy. Bright sun light from an opposing exterior glass-block window had to be eliminated. Any light source will compromise the desired one way mirror affect.     Once we temporarily blacked out the sunny window with some gym mats, everything worked perfectly!

The business owner was very happy with the final results of the project. She also felt a sense of accomplishment that now her students will become even better athletes with renewed focus.

Thanks to something as simple as privacy window film maybe there will be a few more gold metal gymnast winners!