When Habitat for Humanity employees were sweltering from hot sunny windows, Habitat management called the experts at Cool Coat Window Tinting.


Cool Coat Window Tinting Project at Habitat for Humanity, Stuart FL

The problem area was in the administrative office windows of their brand new US-Highway One retail facility in Stuart, FL. The project involved eight large  6-foot wide by 8-foot high storefront windows with a hot eastern exposure.



Cool Coat Window Tinting business owner, Frank Arena recommended the application of Madico RS-20 silver solar control film because of its superior effectiveness for heat rejection. (78% Total Solar Heat Rejection and 93% Infrared Rays Rejection)

Habitat for Humanity approved the project with Cool Coat Window Tinting in early April 2016. The window film installation was completed a few days later in about 4 hours with no interference in Habitat’s daily business activities. This commercial window film installation was a win-win with many benefits. It resulted in cooler, more comfortable offices with happier and more productive employees along with much needed exterior office privacy.

The exterior appearance remained complimentary to the rest of the building because the factory bronze glass transformed the appearance of the silver film into a rich reflective bronze color.

In addition to these benefits, Habitat for Humanity will save hundreds of dollars every year in cooling costs. These savings are a result of reduced solar heat gain though the use of solar control window film.

Its been calculated by the International Window film Association that 100 square feet of this type of solar control film (Madico RS-20 Silver) is equivalent to one-ton of air conditioning in reduced heat gain. This particular energy saving installation was 373 square feet. This window film investment will financially pay for itself through electric savings in 3-5 years.

The electric bill savings alone will contribute to lowered annual operating expenses for this building-space year after year. This makes commercial window tinting and solar control window film, one of the best investments a building owner, building manager or long term tenant can make in energy conservation.

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