Window Tinting

Seniors Sit in Comfort of Home Window Tinting

Last month we completed the tinting of 42 awning windows on a hot Florida room for a disabled women in Jensen Beach, FL. Now this customer is able to effectively cool this large room so it can be used more enjoyably.

There was considerable extra cleaning needed on both the inside and outside of the glass on this particular project. While we would normally have charged for that added time, we did not charge a penny extra. Overall we saved this customer about $250 compared to our regular rates and that of local competitors. It’s not always about making money, sometimes the reward of “giving” is far greater knowing we made a big difference in someone’s life.

We frequently extend an extra deep discount to the disabled and elderly community as a way to give back and help those in need. This is something we do several times a year so the elderly and for the disabled so they can feel cooler and more comfortable at home while saving money on their electric bill.

Many disabled and elderly homeowners survive on low set incomes making it difficult to invest in anything beyond basic needs. Many are home bound, so home comfort is very important. Solar window film is an investment in comfort and reduced cooling costs. At the discounted rate, home window tinting film actually pays for itself in about 3-4 years in savings with reduced electric bills.

Cool Coat Window Tinting is one company that helps the disabled and the elderly afford home window tinting.

To qualify, applicants should be over 65 years of age, on SSI disability and or public assistance to prove low income eligibility. In the event you do not meet this criteria, get in touch with us anyway and we’ll see what discount adjustments we may be able to offer for your individual circumstance.