Protect Yours Assets, Lower Your Energy Bill

Make Your Home Energy Efficient, Enhance you Privacy, Divide Spaces.

More Comfort, Lower Cooling Costs

Energy Saving Films Can Lower   Cooling Costs by As Much as 25% Per Year. . .

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

  •  Reduces Fade on Furniture, Carpet & Other Surfaces
  •  Enhances Visibility through Glare Reduction
  •  Safety through Shatter Resistance & Instant Privacy
  •  Increased Overall Value
Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

  •  Enhances Appearance
  •  Reduces Heat
  •  Adds Comfort
  •  Gives you Privacy
  •  Instantly Lowers your Cooling Costs​​
Safety and Security Window films

Safety and Security Window films

  •  Reduces the risk of injury from flying glass
  •  Keep glass intact to maintain a barrier
  •  Reduces need to “board up” broken window
  •  Available in several shades & colors
Specialty Films

Specialty Films

  • Exterior Films
  • Anti-Fog Film
  • UV Clear Film
  • UV Amber/Blue Blocker
  • Anti-Graffiti Film
  • Radio Frequency Blocking Films:
Decorative Window Films

Decorative Window Films

  • Frosted White, Silver or Bronze
  • Textured, Patterned, Obscured
  • Colors
  • Stained Glass Films
  • Black Out or White Out

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Neat, Professional, Fast and Reliable! Tinted windows in house and did a phenomenal job! Highly Recommended Chloe Adrian

Fast and Reliable, Very Professional! Will Recommend Zoe Desh

Great price, very professional, looks amazing! annalesiah saige

Cool Coat installed window film to all my windows with a western exposure. It made a big difference in the temperature and the privacy in the house. Cool Coat does very neat and professional work. I’m so glad I called them. Jane Niebch

Cool Coat Window Tinting

Cool Coat Window Tinting

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